Our campus is also filled with history! It belonged to the renowned writer José Mindlin, and was home to his famous library, the largest private library in the country, now the “Biblioteca Brasiliana Guita e Jose Mindlin” in the University of são Paulo (USP). Our house has its own unique tradition in education and it inspires us to live up to it.

Our classrooms have wide windows and doors facing the gardens, so every room is filled with natural sunlight and fresh air. The sight of the trees and songbirds also bring a unique feeling of comfort to day to day activities.








Baby Scientists

In the first months of life, the transformations and discoveries done by the babies are immeasurable. This is why, here at Senses, the environment for this age group is designed to meet not only your biological needs, but also the motor, cognitive, affective and socioemotional needs.

More than spending time safely, we care for each child individually, so that the stimulus happens in the right measure and in the ideal moment, based on standard and individual development benchmarks. From the clear walls to the materials that are handled, from the cozy environment to the natural light that enters through the windows, everything is meant to cultivate in the child the pleasure with the discoveries of the world.




Junior Scientists

Up to the age of three, a period called by Maria Montessori as “the unconscious absorbent mind”, the accessibility of the whole environment becomes even more essential for the awakening of children’s consciousness and autonomy. At this moment, features such as body awareness, speech development and the interest in providing for their own needs are strengthened.
Here at Senses, the room for this age group is fully prepared to stimulate the scientist in each one and promote important aspects such as the respect for the human being and sense of community. The furniture was specially designed for their sizes, as well as the layout of the materials, respecting the individual pace of the students and always having safety as an essential element.




Senior Scientists

From three to six years of age, a period called by Maria Montessori as “the conscious absorbent mind”, the developments of oral and written language, the discovery of mathematics and of spatial relations reach their peak.

In this room, the environment aims to improve skills such as coordination, concentration, organization and accuracy. At this stage, the child actively participates in the concept of caring for oneself, as well for any other living being and the environment.






Our Garden

Senses Montessori school is located in a beautiful house in Brooklin Paulista. We have an extensive green area for playground, where children and babies play in the grass among fruit trees and flowers. In our garden, we have dozens of cataloged species and the warm sound of birds singing. Our philosophy of teaching values the contact with nature in its essence.

Every day children have time to play on the grass, outdoors. At this time they are free to create their own game or participate in activities planned by teachers, such as sports, sensorial or motor skill challenges or observation of plants and living beings.