Who we are

Every child is a scientist.
that’s what we believe in.

We are a bilingual school and nursery that relies on the Montessori method faithfully to the principles of its idealizer. Our goal is to educate for freedom, through every child’s natural learning ability.

From language to materials, from the educators to the composition of the environment, everything in our space focuses on child development leading to the formation of complete human beings.

We permeate everything we do with affective science, a great ally in our greatest quest: to awaken, inspire and develop in our students their natural willingness to learn.


Manifesting is declaring oneself. Publicizing our deepest convictions, which, more than beliefs, are the mission of an existence. And our mission is to educate, inspire and open horizons awakening the brightness within each one.

We publish here, in full, our declaration, our mission of existence, our manifesto:

conheça nosso manifesto

Our Mission

Our job is to widen horizons, showing the way towards a better understanding of the world and one’s self


Our ever-evolving heritage evokes great responsibilities, tied to great rewards. Our duty is to show the world that the greatest of all achievements is within the reach of all of us: to feel part, to be the whole. The prize for the path we decided to follow we share with all mankind: a world of sensitive, empathetic, cooperative and complete human beings.


Upon self-discovery, a mirror unveils:
Acknowledged in it, the thinking being,
Exploration genius, nature’s interpreter.

Guardian of the flare that makes us humans,
And feeds the desire to be, to know.

By believing in the spark that spreads the flame,
We are the heirs to the discovery and its discoverer.

A legacy as simple as it is valuable:
To educate human beings and awaken the brilliance in each one.

Our mission is to educate,
To show the world that the greatest of all achievements lies within the reach of all:
Feeling as part, being the whole.

Our job is to unfold the horizons that make it possible,
Nourish the fire in each child’s eye through curiosity,
That evolves into exploration and development,
the first steps towards the knowledge of oneself and the world.

Knowledge that brings out the human essence,
Filled with feelings, Senses.
Colors, scents, flavors.
Touches and feelings:
Harbingers of reason,
That unites individuals so singular within their diversity
And makes them absolutely equal, therefore human.

Here’s the child:
A human being whose capacities go far beyond any limitation.
These capacities grow into learning,
And every seed, cast upon the fertile soil of a forming mind, sprouts. Producing unique fruits

Capable of changing the world.